Weight Loss Retreat | Fitness Resort

Lose Weight in Style

At Destinata Retreats, we recognize that most people choose to stay with us – first and foremost – to rediscover their thinner selves.  We applaud that effort and our nutrition, fitness, and personal development programs integrate perfectly to help you realize your weight loss and fitness goals.  We also know that the unwanted weight may come right back if we don’t address the core issues that led to your body becoming overweight in the first place.  Gaining clarity around this concept is essential in order for your transformation to last for a lifetime.

Exercise and Activity

Bodies are made to move.  It has been said that for every day spent in a hospital bed, one week of physical therapy is needed to reverse the atrophy that results from inactivity.  Destinata Retreats offers you something truly innovative – Exercise as the by-product of fun activities.  Kettle ball exercises on white-sand beaches, Yoga on a beautiful lawn, high-speed walking on gorgeous trails, plus Destinata exclusives like IQ Fit, Entertainment and patented SlimBelly devices for proven spot reduction that you won’t find anywhere else in the U.S. Destinata has it all.

Diet and Eating

Food is a drug of sorts in that it creates chemical responses in your body. At Destinata, everything about the way you relate to food will be evaluated, and you’ll enjoy the freedom and the instruction needed to reformat the way you relate to food  – the way you select and prepare your meals to achieve a lasting transformation in your total well being.


Personal Development

Working Out Never Looked So Good!

At Destinata, we will help you discover your own hidden ‘stories’ and subconscious decisions that influence your patterns and habits. Once these factors are brought out from your blind spot into the center of your focus, we will jointly and consciously choose to and collaborate on helping you establish new patterns that serve you.