Personal Development

The path to real, sustainable well being begins with those inner most thoughts. We all know that our paradigms, or belief systems, ultimately dictate our results. Our physical habits have often been adopted to help cope with life experiences. Change your thoughts and beliefs and you can change your life. From affirmations, to visualization, to simple, yet profound conversations, you have the power to create new healthy habits, and release the weight while releasing the past that often triggered weight gain. Self acceptance through personal growth and development is both fun and challenging. The entire Destinata staff, your fitness guides, lifestyle coaches, and human behavior experts assist you in this process of self discovery. You are empowered to access and harness your own personal power to create your new lifestyle and body.


Like in any activity, a coach offers an objective point of view, and provides external motivation to support you through the hardest part of any transformation – the beginning. Pointers, tips, tricks and techniques all add up to make your experience with your personal Destinata Fitness Trainers one that will stay with you for life. Their guiding voices will follow you home and – in many cases – find their way into your daily wellness habits.


More often than not, the state of your physical body is simply an outward manifestation of the state of your mental body and spirit body. Destinata’s Counselors are trained specifically to help you sort out those barriers to transformation that may have stood in your way for years, possibly making you feel like a prisoner in your own body. This is a very intimate, and often emotionally releasing part of your Destinata experience, but it is a major key designed to unlock a breakthrough and positively affect every part of your life.