A True Weight Loss Vacation

Bringing a body to a new level of fitness, no matter your starting point, requires a high level of empathy and connection between you and your trainer(s), as well as cutting edge equipment that facilitates your physical transformation. Our experts at Destinata are here to help you find that “sweet spot” that makes the physical fitness fun for you, so it can become a natural part of your everyday life –  for the rest of your life. It takes an understanding of both mental and spiritual fitness to achieve true physical fitness – that is precisely what our Fitness & Weight Loss experts bring that to your Destinata Retreats experience, utilizing their skill, alongside innovative tools, such as:

Fit-Gym Activities

At Destinata, in addition to pilates reformers and a variety of classes, we offer  state of the art equipment (some of it never-before-seen in the United States) creating a new and exciting set of exercises and workout regimens that will capture your mind and free your spirit.

IQ Fit

A novel, patented, and gorgeous piece of indoor exercise furniture from Austria uses frictionless cables and infinitely variable positioning to provide a full body workout at the exact right level of resistance for your fitness level.


A patented, European Airpressure Bodyshaping Concept that has been clinically proven to help spot-reduce the stubborn fat around the abdomen and hip area. A winner at the prestigious “Fitness Concepts of the Year” awards in Europe, the SlimBelly concept is the most effective means of “shortcutting” the usually long process of  cutting down on inches in those problem areas.

Outdoor Fit-Ventures

Emphasizing the Destinata Retreats philosophy that exercise should be the by-product of fun, you will enjoy truly one-of-a-kind outdoor activities that will rejuvenate your body with fresh air and the scents of nature, and quicken your pulse with the excitement of brand new ways of moving your body. From the graceful movements of the gentle martial art of Aikido, to walking or jogging on white-sand beaches by the Pacific Ocean, to hiking or mountain-biking in the gorgeous backcountry surrounding the Destinata retreat, you’ll be surprised at how many calories you burned and what a great workout you got, even while your mind was totally involved with the activity at hand. You’ll induldge in your connection to the moment, to nature – to feeling vibrantly complete. At Destinata, we keep things fresh by adding new activities all the time and offer special Fit-Ventures depending on the time of year you select to stay with us.

weight loss vacationBodies In Motion

One of our greatest birth rights is personal responsibility. One of our greatest gifts is the “body” we live in each and every day. Part of living into our potential, means taking personal responsibility to honor and cherish this gift of life by taking great care of our body. It – regardless of our current physical condition – deserves to be treasured. Through movement, exercise, and grace, we can improve our level of fitness so that we may move through and explore this amazing world that greets us each day and beckons us to discover our own limitless possibilities. Everyone knows that people are happiest when they are growing, that a body, like a water when it doesn’t move becomes stagnant. Destinata Retreats is your place to either begin moving again, or press beyond your current level of fitness, to experience an expanded place from which to run, dance, achieve, and discover joy in each moment.