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Body. Mind. Spirit. Personal attention. Fast results. Lasting transformation. That’s the difference. Destinata’s founder – prior to her creating ‘Destinata Retreats’ and during her own search for a fitness transformation, performed an exhaustive search in an attempt to discover a retreat experience that would offer her an all-encompassing program – one that would TRULY focus on transforming both the outer body, as well as addressing the underlying belief systems and inner spirit to invoke an enduring transformation. She thought she had found the right place, because it appeared to have a “holistic” approach, and the program’s website seemed to capture the importance of working on the “internal” paradigms that determine real-world results. She made the decision to invest one week of her life at that place, waiting for the mind-body connection to come into play, the way it was promoted on that company’s website. Unfortunately, it never happened. However, her knowing how important the mind-body connection element is for lasting change, the need to build a retreat like Destinata became fully apparent to its founder at that point in time.

Simply put, the team at Destinata Retreats came together on the belief that if such a retreat were made available,

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and could provide a truly exceptional experience at all levels – fitness, food, focus, fun, reforming the mind and revitalizing the spirit – that people would travel to it from all corners of the globe, in order to experience the remarkable journey to rediscovering themselves.

While Destinata is different on many levels, the key difference comes down to one thing – our team’s commitment to you as an individual. We are able to offer you one-on-one personal coaching, luxury, effective training and fitness guidance with an unheard of trainer-to-guest ratio of 1-to-4, and true personal development – at every level. We are dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of your experience touches all parts of your being – that what you eat affects how you think and feel, that what you see when you wake up in the morning affects your motivation and willingness to push through, that offering luxury resort-style pampering and indulgence serves as a balance to the rewarding hard work that you’ll be putting in, and that the exercises and fitness programs will be all about fun, adventure and discovery, which will in itself inspire you to crave more of the same when you get back home.

Add to that the opportunity to work out with edge-of-the-art equipment – much of it otherwise only found in Europe – such as the IQ-Fit workout system for a precise, full body workout, and the patented Slim-Belly system for proven spot reduction of abdominal fat. Together with our highly skilled, dedicated staff, a focused curriculum, and luxurious accommodations and amenities, you can be assured that the Destinata Difference will be profound.


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