Audra – Destinata Fitness Guide & Human Behavior Specialist

“I believe that physical fitness and overall wellness should be a priority to everyone, not only “athletes”. The strength and confidence that a healthy mind and body allow a person to experience, is a priceless gift that everyone is worthy of. I have dedicated my adult life to helping others gain total wellness – of the body, mind, and spirit. Here at Destinata, I get to follow my dream of helping people to experience this gift every single day.”

A native of Santa Cruz (CA), Audra brings a wealth of experience to Destinata – both as a top-level volleyball player, and as a fitness and weight loss coach. Audra attended San Diego State University and successfully played for their Division I Volleyball Program. While at SDSU, Audra received many accolades for her outstanding athleticism and her success on and off the Volleyball Court, even capturing the much-coveted “Athlete of the Year” Award. After graduating from SDSU with a Bachelors Degree in Sociology, she was recruited to play professional Volleyball in Europe. After returning to the U.S., she began playing professional level beach volleyball in San Diego, CA, while continuing to hone her impressive coaching and personal training expertise.

In addition to her playing career, Audra has been an integral part in the highly competitive San Diego “Club” and High School volleyball scene. She has served as the Assistant Coach at one of the most prestigious private schools in California and coached them to back-to-back CIF and State championship wins. In her off time, she successfully pursued her other passion – helping people reach their fitness and weight loss goals through her personalized and laser-focused training approach.

Currently, in addition to her daily fitness/coaching work at Destinata, Audra is working towards her Masters Degree in Human Behavior to further her already acclaimed work as a human behavior and fitness coaching expert.


Erin – Destinata Fitness Guide, Yoga Instructor & Lifestyle Coach

“I believe that the quality of health and fitness equals the quality of life. I urge everyone to make a pledge to invest in their health and fitness. As your Personal Fitness Coach at Destinata, I will motivate, support and educate you to attain a new, fit and healthy lifestyle, in a fun and focused way”

Erin brings her infectious passion for health and fitness to Destinata – a passion she’s had since she was just five years old. She has spent most of her life as a dedicated and competitive dancer, specializing in ballet, tap, and hip-hop. Erin began teaching dance at the age of 13 at a renowned Dance Company in California, which enabled her to develop the leadership qualities she is widely respected for.

During her High School years on the West Coast, Erin was privileged to become a dance team member, and later the dance club leader and coordinator. She taught numerous students professional dance, plus she helped coordinate and organize three years of various dance shows. After her graduation from High School, she was chosen to become part of a traveling dance troupe called “Future Shock,” sponsored by sportswear giant NIKE. With Future Shock, Erin traveled the country for various dance, fitness, and community showcases. While dancing with the troupe, she was also an apprentice dancer for the prestigious “Unity Dance Ensemble” in San Diego, CA.

Erin went on to attend the University of San Diego (USD) where she received her BA in Sociology. It was during her years of college where she further developed her passion for fitness, yoga, and nutrition that she brings to Destinata.

Erin believes that her life experiences are what has led her to focus on pursuing a career in physical fitness, and finds tremendous fulfillment in engaging in a holistic lifestyle. She began her impressive wellness journey at one of the fastest growing fitness chains in North America, where she became a nationally certified Personal Trainer recognized by NASM, and NESTA. She also received her certificate as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach from the CHEK Institute. At Destinata, Erin continues to pursue her passion as a personal trainer, changing people’s lives and helping them reach their fitness, weight loss, and life goals.


Sven – Destinata Fitness Guide & Aquatic Exercise Specialist

“Fitness is a way of life that joins mind, body and spirit in motion.”


Sven comes to Destinata with a decade worth of aquatic exercise experience – ranging from aquatic aerobics to highly rigorous water polo workouts. Beginning his aquatics carrier on a varsity team, Sven was a top ranking water polo and swim team member in California for four consecutive years. Finishing his impressive High School Water Polo career, Sven received the All-Team CIF Award, which assured him a starting position throughout his Collegiate Water Polo career. Sven continued his passion for aquatic fitness by serving as the head coach for one of the most competitive Water Polo clubs in Californian, and specializes in adolescent weight loss and confidence building.

“Since receiving personal training and aquatics fitness from Sven, I have lost 25 pounds and have gained a new sense of confidence. Sven trains with a positive attitude every day and keeps the workouts fun and intriguing.”   ~One of  Sven’s happy clients


Kelly – Destinata Fitness Guide & Pilates Expert

“In order for us to feel great, both physically and mentally, exercise and a healthy diet are the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. Achieving balance in all areas of life begins with being proactive about our choices. At Destinata, I really love to help people discover their own motivation, and I just like to make it fun!”

Born and raised in Southern California, Kelly represents the epitome of life balance. As an avid athlete, wife, mother, Pilates instructor and coach, her lifestyle reflects the fact that she has been involved with sports and leading a healthy lifestyle for the majority of her life. Growing up close to the ocean, it is no surprise that Kelly played beach volleyball as well as volleyball for her High School team. Her love for the sport, competitive nature, natural athleticism and self-determination served her well as she went on to to play at San Francisco State University and was First Team Newcomer of the Year.

With a degree in Liberal Arts and Math minor, what Kelly developed over time was both a love and a skill to help bring out the best in others. As a High School math teacher, she has been able to help her teenage students love a subject that is usually not considered a “favorite” among kids. As a Volleyball Coach she brings out the athleticism and self-discipline of her student athletes. As a Pilates instructor, she transforms “average” or overweight bodies into beautiful form and shape. Her record is a testament to her coaching ability, in her 14 years as a head coach; Kelly has coached teams to 14 Western League Championships, 14 CIF Championships, and multiple State Championships. She has empowered over 30 Student Athletes to earn College Volleyball Scholarships to prestigious Universities across the country.

Although her own athletic background started on the sand and courts of Southern California, where she still competes on the beach, the past 10 years have also been dedicated to Pilates training. Teaching clients about how Pilates helps with both physical and mental wellness, as well as its lasting effects on raising your metabolism. She teaches mat and reformer classes, and considers herself an expert at evaluating each client’s personal strengths and weaknesses to ensure that each workout is beneficial to their well-being.

At Destinata, Kelly brings her unique combination of coaching, teaching and compassion to help our clients reach all their goals.


Justin – Destinata Fitness Guide, Certified Fitness Testing Specialist & Nutritionist

Bringing to Destinata over 10 years of experience as a Certified Fitness Testing Specialist & Nutritionist, Justin has helped hundreds of people lose unwanted body fat, feel better, and get healthier. Justin has always been a fitness enthusiast. He received his Bachelors of Science in Exercise Physiology at California State University Chico. After college, he worked as a highly sought after personal trainer and came to a realization that fitness testing (Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing/ Resting Metabolic Testing) was a crucial, yet underutilized component in weight loss programs all over the world. Justin wanted to find the best route for his clients to take so they would be able to keep the weight off – long after finishing their training programs with him. Justin passionately researched the road map to permanent weight loss results and found that it all starts with each person’s metabolism.

Most people aren’t sure what their metabolism is or how it is related to permanent weight loss. Justin found that by testing a person’s unique metabolism he could help understand why they had difficulty losing weight in the past, and how they could be successful in the future. By determining a person’s Resting Metabolic Rate (the amount of calories your body burns in a 24 hour period at rest) Justin calculates the number of calories that a person burns while performing their normal daily activities. He then determines the amount of calories that person burns during exercise. Using these metrics, Justin determines your “caloric intake zones” for effective weight loss and maintenance – during and after your stay at Destinata.

Another crucial test Justin brings to Destinata clients is the Hydrostatic Body Fat Test. This gauge is considered the gold standard of body fat testing. Traditional scale weight simply cannot accurately determine how much muscle (lean mass) or fat mass a person has. Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing however can, and will reveal a person’s true body fat percentage.

Justin adds:“When working out, especially when focusing on weight training, a traditional scale may not show the kinds of results that you might be expecting. This can be caused by muscle gain and fat loss canceling each other out. The professional body fat testing we offer at Destinata can show your progress much more effectively and realistically. You’ll be able to track how much muscle you’ve gained and how much fat you’ve lost, which is significantly more encouraging on your journey towards your fittest self!”


Dr. J.J. – Destinata Lifestyle & Personal Development Coach“Once we recognize that we vibrate to a perfect symphony of spiritual energy, our thoughts, beliefs and actions create dynamic physical health. When every choice becomes spirit-guided, life unfolds with ease and grace.”  ~Dr. J.J.

Dr. J.J. earned her Doctorate degree from the American Institute of Holistic Theology in 1999.  With a lifelong interest in holistic health, Dr. J.J.’s experience and passion lends itself to a holistic approach to a balanced lifestyle that integrates care of the body, mind, spirit and soul. This integrated lifestyle philosophy has led her to numerous executive level corporate positions within the health and wellness industry, including serving as the President of a Southern California based wellness company whose products were marketed on television both in the U.S. and Canada.  She has also been a consultant to a multi-million dollar nutritional company for four years and instrumental in developing successful hormone balancing and weight loss products.

Dr. J.J.’s true passion lies in personal empowerment, and as a frequent traveler and working mother, found her own empowerment came through proper nutrition, quality anti-aging products and the study of the importance of raw foods to maintain vital life-force as the ultimate “anti-aging” tool.

With a background in the entertainment industry as a dancer/choreographer, and prior to earning her Doctorate Degree, she was a stage producer and talent scout.  For seventeen years as owner of a Modeling Scouting firm,  Dr. J.J. had the opportunity to impact the lives and health of thousands of young people and their parents with education on nutrition, physical fitness and personal development – both of which are so necessary for success in the entertainment field. Her knowledge and communication skills earned her the reputation of a highly respected teacher and advisor.

Currently Dr. J.J. leads various types of corporate trainings centered in personal and professional development; team building and skills assessments, with emphasis in her area of expertise focuses on EQ (emotional intelligence) and spiritual growth.

In addition to being the co-creator of a soon-to-be launched spiritual TV channel, Dr. J.J. is also of author and co-author of several successful Personal Development books.  She sits on the Board of charitable foundations and is active in a Center for Spiritual Living in Southern California.

Terra – Destinata Psychologist & Counselor

“I believe that transformation comes from the power of connection.  It is in the understanding of self and our connections to others that we can find and sustain true change.  It is my goal at Destinata to share with you your highest and most authentic self.  It is my privilege and honor to journey with you on the Road to Self Discovery and to witness the transformations that await you! ”  ~Terra

Raised in Southern California, Terra received her Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology in 1997.  Terra comes to Destinata with over 15 years of experience in the field of therapy.  As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, she specializes in working with addictions and relationships, with a specific emphasis toward personal growth.

Early in her career, she interned at several non-profit organizations geared toward helping women in destructive and abusive relationships.  This early experience offers Terra a unique perspective into the emotional aspects of living a life stuck in destructive patterns.  More often than not, these patterns often manifested themselves in a negative relationship with food.  In 2000, Terra moved to Lake Tahoe to raise a family.  While in Tahoe, she worked for several years as a life coach, helping individuals work toward reaching their goals and meeting their full potential. In this role, Terra was able to take her clinical knowledge and build connections that enabled her clients to utilize their own personal strengths in order to achieve their desired results,.  It was during this period in her career, where Terra began to place an extra emphasis on learning more about addictive behaviors and specific methods of treatment.

Terra returned to Southern California in 2005 and settled there with her family.  Terra quickly opened up a new private practice, where she treats a diverse clientele and a variety of issues.  She works with families and individuals, as well as facilitating group workshops.

In addition to her private practice, Terra is an independent an organization providing therapy to Military Families on a Southern California Marine base.  She was the second hire of this program six years ago and has been instrumental in its growth and success.

Terra brings a diverse knowledge and expertise in the field of personal growth, to Destinata.   She offers personal counseling to those who have the desire to remove any and all obstacles that may inhibit their true potential.  At Destinata, you will have access to all of the knowledge and experience that Terra has nurtured and developed over the years.  She is dedicated to providing a deep and enriching environment, one consisting of safety, confidentiality and compassion in order to enable ones truest self to emerge.

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