What Clients Are Saying…

So much more than just a weight loss retreat!

The Destinata Retreats program is effective because it focuses on YOU.  By incorporating personal development and coaching into our curriculum, we transform our clients into the people they aspire to be.

You’ve heard the “diet and exercise” routine before, and while it is important, there are other components that are of equal consequence.  Our weight loss retreat has you covered on all fronts.  We reset the bar and take weight loss to new heights.

Yadi has lost more than 10 inches and 2 dress sizes (and counting) with the Destinata approach.

“I came to Destinata because I really wanted to lose weight, but I also wanted to take time for myself, and really focus on me for a change. Ironically, I thought losing 20 pounds would make me “happy”, the truth is I felt happier by the second day, just working with the owner for an hour on some of my limiting beliefs, I had huge breakthroughs. Losing the weight was great, but learning about myself and all that I am capable of was life changing.”

~ PW, Carlsbad, CA

Steph lost 3 times more weight in ONE week at San Diego’s Destinata Retreats than she did on her Weight Watchers Program!

With just 14 days at our Carlsbad weight loss retreat, Pam lost 8 lbs. and 10 inches!

Following our weight loss fitness regimen for 10 days, Paola lost more than 10 lbs. and 6 inches.

Cierra lost 10 lbs. in her first 16 days at our weight loss resort, and is on track to reach her long-term goals!