Will Exercise Interfere with Your Diet?

 Does Exercise Interfere?

We’ve all heard the old expression about “working up an appetite,” but what does that really mean? Does working out cause you to eat more? Destinata, San Diego’s Ultimate Fitness and Weight Loss Retreat thinks absolutely not!

As the theory goes, we eat more food after exercising in order to replace the calories we burned. For some, the old saying may bring up a list of doubts about exercising as a means for weight loss, but a new study found that the expression is a myth.

The Brigham Young University study showed that exercise won’t cause an increased appetite, and it may even reduce food cravings. When participants didn’t exercise, their brain waves suggested they responded to food images more strongly than when they were presented with the same images 45 minutes after exercise.

This suggests that diet and exercise go hand-in-hand. When we’re taking steps toward health by exercising, not only do we gain muscle, but we also abandon those bothersome cravings.

The women who participated in this study each took a brisk walk on a treadmill. Imagine what would happen if you do even more. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Hiking as an appetite suppressant: If you’re the kind of person who loves the outdoors, hiking will barely feel like exercise. You may find the urge to eat after (or during) a long hike, but it’s not the kind of binge eating that happens in front of the television after a long day of lounging around.

Aerobic dancing to boost metabolism and curb cravings: Get on the dance floor and shake things up. Forty-five minutes of dancing definitely gets your heart rate up.

Exert your way out of food craving: Have you ever noticed that when you take a break from regular exercise, you’re more likely to sit around and eat junk? Fight the urge by doing something you enjoy, like kickboxing, spinning or tap dancing. Soon, you’ll notice that muscle is crowding out the fat, and cravings are no longer an issue.

For more ideas or guidance with your fitness and weight loss, please contact the staff at Destinata Retreats.

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