Increased Weight Loss with Interval Training

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Most often the difference between amazing fat loss and no fat loss are simple things, small adjustments here and there make a huge difference. Destinata, San Diego’s Ultimate Fitness and Weight Loss Retreat suggests adding interval training to your exercise regimen.

Interval training is an exceptional way to burn more calories, build endurance quickly and make workouts more exciting. Interval training involves alternating high intensity exercise followed by recovery periods. One example is 20 seconds of high intensity (such as a sprint), then 40 seconds of low intensity (jog); alternate several times for 15-30 minutes. Intervals can be long duration, up to 60 seconds, or short duration, 20-30 seconds. You are in charge of the intervals and how hard you work. The idea is to work harder than usual in your high intensity intervals and to fully recover during the low intensity intervals.

Longer duration intervals use tons of calories that in turn activate immense fat loss. Your body must work more to replace this lost energy, which is a direct weight loss. Shorter duration intervals have body altering effects, and these are not just in the waist line. Your body experiences a transformation and begins long term fat burning. Energy is directed to muscle rather than fat stores, making the body build muscle and lose fat.

It is important to eat a highly nutritious meal 30 minutes before you exercise. Eating before training gives your body the capability to exercise harder. The extent and duration of your fat burning is directly related to the intensity of your exercise.  Any suppression of fat loss that may occur directly after training is made up for in the entire fat burning process. It also seems that when you eat before you train you tend to consume fewer calories during the day.

Interval training works in conjunction with good nutrition. Without a healthy eating plan, you will not gain the maximum benefit of exercise or reach your maximum weight loss.

For more ideas or guidance on interval training, please contact the staff at Destinata Retreats, where your weight loss goals are our top priority.

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